Long-term Objectives
  1. Developing mega phenomics facilities at multiple locations based on the experience gained in the first phase to encompass a range of agriculturally important species
  2. Designing new tools, techniques and computational methods for enhanced precision in analysis of phenomes
  3. Extending the phenomics research for understanding plant performance under varying biological, edaphic and climatic factors and developing phenomic resource base
  4. Integration of genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic and metabolomic information resources with the phenome to identify pathways and genes for efficient genetic enhancement of crops to meet the challenges of climate change
    Immediate Objectives (Under National Fund Project)
  1. Establishment of a medium capacity high precision Plant Phenomics Facility and standardization of operation.
  2. Precision phenotyping of a contrasting set of rice germplasm for soil moisture deficit and low temperature stress tolerance and creation of phenome database.
  3. Identification of the role of candidate genes in moisture deficit and low temperature stress tolerance
  4. Human resource development in the area of Plant Phenomics